The littlest, biggest fish market in the area
Courtyard seating open 11:00 am

Lee Be Fish Company is proud to bring the finest freshest quality seafood to Marco Island. We are the littlest, biggest fish market in the area. We own two boats that run 70 to 120 miles off shore, making it easy to specialize in fresh local Grouper and Snapper. Swordfish and Mahi Mahi are also popular among our selection upon availability.   






We also offer local fresh pink gulf shrimp. Lee Be Fish company has made the buying and cooking of seafood very easy for our customers. In our store we have a wide variety of condiments and spices that will help enhance the flavor of the seafood purchased. Guests always receive a warm welcome from our friendly employees. They are trained in seafood knowledge and well as customer service. 


 350 Royal Palm Drive Marco Island Florida
At the shops of olde Marco